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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jewish children hunted down in France and killed...yet again..


Last year, when living in the Marais (the Jewish quartier of Paris) I saw something of such poignant sadness that I could not put it out of my mind: A young Jewish boy with side locks entered the bus. Sitting down, he took a peak cap out of his cartable, put it on and tried, rather frantically, but with only partial success, to hide his side locks under the cap. I knew his gesture was more than just the typical little revolt of a youngster against his parents’ dress sense. I was sad for him then, I am afraid for him today. “There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France…” writes Daniel Greenflied in his must read blog today , and he continues: "...What was then is now again. The occupying army doesn't wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn't speak German, it speaks Arabic...”

The French expression for feeling nauseous is “avoir mal au coeur”, literally translated “a hurting heart”. Today I feel both: I want to vomit and, pardon the purple prose: my heart hurts.

On Monday, Mohamed Merah an Arab Muslim of Algerian origin (*) entered a French-Jewish school and massacred the 30 year old Rabbi Sadler, his  two little sons, 3 and 6 year old Aryeh and Gavriel. He also attacked a 17 year old youth. His next act was to hunt down the 8 year old Miryam Monsonego. When the little girl tried to run away, Mohamed Merah grabbed her by her hair, pulled her close and shot her in the head point blank.

It is this ^^^ that makes my heard hurt. What makes me want to vomit is that when the bodies of his victims are barely in the ground, it’s all about poor misunderstood  Mohamed Merah who died today via suicide by cops. Gutless politicians in election mode tell us to “surtout pas faire l’amalgame” and to protect the sensitivities of the Muslim community, while the terminally  dhimmi French media and assorted pro-Islamic apologists have actually the gall to call this murdering islamic jihadist  “un enfant perdu à la République et à l’Islam” (A child lost to the Republique and to Islam).

To anyone not  as  willingly and dangerously blinded  as the nearly exclusively leftist media here,  it is the eight year old Miryam who is l’Enfant perduel'enfant perdue à la vie and the child lost to all of us. I simply cannot get the picture out of my mind of this little girl trying to run away, being hauled back, by the hair, and shot in the face. This  beautiful little girl:

(*) despite his nationality on paper which says he is French, I refuse to call him either “man” or “French” because he was neither, he who after each horrid murder (including 3 French soldiers) shouted "Allah Akbar"

Kinder Totenlieder Mahler
"Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen"

Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen,

bald werden sie wieder nach Hause gelangen.

Der Tag ist schön, o sei nicht bang,

sie machen nur einen weiten Gang.

Ja wohl, sie sind nur ausgegangen,

und werden jetzt nach Hause gelangen.

O, sei nicht bang, der Tag is schön,

sie machen einen Gang zu jenen Höh'n.

Sie sind uns nur voraus gegangen,

und werden nicht wieder nach Hause verlangen.

Wir holen sie ein auf jenen Höh'n

im Sonnenschein, der Tag ist schön,

auf jenen Höh'n

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  1. I really feel sorry. Islam is an evil religion that I knew from beginning. I was always told by my elders that Muslims are very fanatic people and they have brutally mudered many of our noble men. They destroyed our templs and build their own mosque. They raped our sisters and mothers. But I always thought that those were perhaps a different extremist radicalised people which are found in every religion and this was one of its kind in history. Unitil, a few years back when started to read about world history outside India then only I came to know oh god, this pervasive and very much same in all countries. Then I was convised there is somethung seriously wrong in Islam religion. I independetly started to read kuran and found the sourse of hatredness and killing is there inside Islamic teaching. It is and evil piece of human creation.

    Pallav from India