Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pinned Post: Remembering Ilan Halimi

11 years ago, Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old French Jew was abducted by a Parisian Muslim gang who called themselves "Le Gang des Barbares". During the next 24 days, the handsome and charismatic young man was slowly tortured to death. 

I promised to write a post for everyone of these 24 days in his memory. But, less important things intervened and I have not finished it yet, but I promise: I will. Meanwhile this is how far I've come.

ast Day

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Another day, another Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam terrorist attack

A measure of how much I have come to distrust the Main Media, complicit with politicians' lies is the fact that I go first to places like the  Vlad Blog, Gates of Vienna, Résistance, Riposte or Robert Spencer's JihadWatch  to check when "not-yet-explainable-explosions" occur and crowds are gathered around dying folk. That morning, while we were still being told that it was "just a few gas balloons that had exploded in a concert venue in Manchester U.K." I indulged in a little islamophobia and pulled the trigger: "It was Islam and its apologists who did it, one way or another" - I asserted - "should the official news that it was gas balloons exploding accidentally which caused the accident prove true, then the stampede that followed and killed will have occurred because of the many preceding "explosive"attacks the West has suffered since 9/11 that had everything to do with Islam ! "

Why is anyone "surprised" that Jihadis target children? 
It's what they do !

At the time Stefan Molyneux from Canada and Andrew Bolt from Australia recorded the comments in the videos below only brave public voices like theirs dared naming explicitly what those of us, who observe, knew immediately but what those who have the blood of these children on their hands are denying still, even now, by refusing to even pronounce the word ISLAMIC terrorist attack. 

Found on twitter: 

The most successful recycling effort ever are the banalities that followed each Islamic terrorist attack; in New York, Bali, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin and now Manchester.   The shameless repetition of clichés that were empty the first time round have now become toxic and the longer they condemn us to dwell in mushroom land, the sharper will be the blades of the guillotines (do I mean that metaphorically?) that await our cowardly "leaders" in politics, media and judiciary.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

France calling the Maghreb

The Maghreb is beautiful: 
Stay There !

Is this, perhaps, also a  message to Ex-President Hollande's Education Minister, Balkazem,  she of "dual nationality" who did away with the classics (such as Greek and Latin)  for French students, and introduced obligatory Arabic instead, to be taught by Imams from her native Maghreb, starting at primary school level. Of course, to benefit from Koranic  indoctrination, you have to understand Arabic, so, better get there before these damn French 'unbelievers' was perhaps the motivation of the minister - whom some have named as  "the worst education minister in the history of France". 

You may perhaps remember this video which showed the kind of  "music" lessons given to French children in France under the reign of the above Minister of Education.

I just want to repeat once more: the above "lesson" is given in a French school, in France (Brest). 


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Big Finance Rules France: 3rd time lucky

The Class of 2017

The new Macron-Philippe Government

Gouvernement Macron-Philippe : les traîtres récompensés...

[Government Macron-Philippe: the traitors rewarded ...] the title of an article by Paul Le Poulpe, one of the sharpest, take-no-prisoners writers on Riposte Laique. In it he enumerates those who have betrayed their own side in order to get a place at the table of the new Government. He names François Bayrou, the new Minister for Justice, as "le traître des traîtres" and perhaps he has a point, when you listen to what this Politician had to say about the "ambitions" of Emmanuel Macron and the Eminences Grises behind him, only 9 months ago in September 2016:

Well it looks like big money got lucky the 3rd time did François Bayrou who has tried and failed quite a few times in the past.


PS:  how quaint is this picture below: Président Macron introducing the new sign for Paris, the fingers representing the Eiffel Tower. And you know what, he made all his ministers make the same sign, and they did.  The photo is somewhere....

The new Pres doing the Paris-Eiffel Tower sign


Friday, 19 May 2017

French Presidential Election - the Aftermath

The mise en scène that night of Emmanuel Macron's victory of the 2017 Presidential Election - Beethoven's  European anthem, the reassuringly (well controlled)  proportional distribution of French and European flags - an adoring HugeMassesOfFrenchPeople *) AND a setting to die for, did have a whiff of the Leni Riefenstahl about it, and the Media coverage definitely did come from the Goebbels' school of Propaganda.

And yet, and yet: even watching it only on the screen I had to fight melting away when looking at this lonely, long walk by the just freshly minted new President of France: he looked so vulnerable, so lonely, so huggable......

(*) "You know, there were not nearly as many people there as it seemed on camera" commented Me. Goldnagel  later - he was there ! 

Christine Tasin, director of Resistance Republicaine and one of the bravest French patriots sent out a cris du coeur that very night part of which I translate here: 

Road map for the Resistance, just one choice: 
War or France will be the 58th Muslim country

Friends of the Résistance Républicaine, we are all very disappointed, very anxious about the future, but none of us is alone. Lets resist, more than ever.Because we have no choice.I am an incurable optimist. That is what I have been saying for decades.I am not a coward and I have been taking the risks associated with my Islamophobic commitments, my commitments as a whistle blower, without blinking for more than a Decade. Risks of aggression that can go as far as death, legal risks, risk of ruin, of prison .. I accept them. France is well worth it.

And yet, for the first time in twelve years that I am fighting against Islam, I am afraid.

I am afraid for our grandchildren, carefree, full of desire to live, laugh, love.

I am afraid that, little by little, they will be driven out of our towns, our villages, reduced to scanty portions of territory in a universe that is in the hands of Muslims, just as were the Christians of the East in Iraq, Lebanon, in the Balkans ...

I am afraid that they will no longer have the right to read Molière, Olympe de Gouges, Simone de Beauvoir ...I am afraid our little girls will soon be forced to wear the veil and lower their eyes

I am afraid for this freedom of speech which has made me an unbridgeable Voltairian. I am afraid for the freedom to be a woman and equal to man.

I fear for our people, victims of positive discrimination, reduced to be penniless in the streets that have been offered to the barbarians.

I am afraid for our people, reduced to work for 500 euros per month, following branch and enterprise agreements, as, when one is threatened with relocations and unemployment, one is ready to everything.
Even to starve.
I am scared. And the worst is that tonight, millions of Frenchmen with open eyes are afraid. Are terrorised.
We are scared. But must we give up, weep and keep silent?
Should we, nevertheless, acquiesce?
No, we must keep in mind, at every hour of the day and night, this phrase of René Char, illustrious resistant and poet:

Acquiescence illuminates the face. 
Refusal gives it beauty. 

Fear does not save us from danger.

We must not, we can not accept the result of today's vote as a fatality, something inescapable against which we can do nothing.

First, because the election of Emmanuel Macron is the result of a mock democracy. An election not by adhesion but by manipulation and the creation of an irrational fear.

How can one respect this? Respecting and accepting this would be like accepting Petain and the France he sold to the Nazis.

The French did not choose Macron, Macron and his supporters chose to smoke out the French and make them disappear. We can not lie down there. We can not be silent. We can not sit idly by. Certainly, some will be tempted by exile. But where to go?

Islam is advancing all over the planet.
And then, going into exile means renouncing, without fighting,without defending our country and wrest it from the hands of the bastards, dictators and manipulators of all kinds.

Alors, quoi faire ? So, what to do ?

Here is the first leaf of the road map I propose to the Resistants, the patriots:
We do not relax our commitment, our activism until the legislative elections. There must be a maximum of elected FN members in the chamber.

These elections, like what we have seen for 6 months now, are going to be an unspeakable mess. 

The unspeakable brothel which are going to be the multiple agreements, reconciliations, maneuvers, and the humiliating spectacle of postulants from the LR and PS eager to share in the cake, some joining "En Marche" (Macron's Movement), others still hoping in vain for a resurrection of the dead.

We give up nothing, we work more than ever without letting tonight's result destroy us, as discouraging as it is.

Here follow some specific instructions addressed to the French patriots which I will not translate  as they  all read French, see the the original article here.

More than ever, prepare yourself, mentally, physically ... War is at our doorstep. Alas. If the Macron projects revealed in Macronleaks are right, millions of migrants will be welcomed and naturalised, it will mean the repeal of our 1905 law (separation of Religion and State) , it will be the nationalisation of mosques.; and we all know what that means.

Courage to all of us, we are millions

Christine Tasin
For the office of
Résistance Républicaine

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Count-Down to French Election (will be updated until results are out)

To tell you the truth:  One day before one of the most important Presidential Elections, I'm panicking and rather depressed - everything points towards the possibility that tomorrow France will commit suicide.

I will post here what they call "miscellany" and update it until the urns open. 

Spot the difference ;)

Apart from liking what Stefan Molyneux has to say, I also post this video from him, because it is subtitled for our non-English-speaking French friends. 

"Emmanuel Macron said of the Marine Le Pen voters:  They are here. It's them. It is them who are our real enemies. Powerful, organised, clever, determined. You pass them in the streets, in the country side, on the Web, mostly well hidden. They are as hateful as they are cowardly. You know them. The party of agents for the catastrophe, the terrorists. The French extreme right. It's here. "

"Emmanuel Macron sur les électeurs de Marine Le Pen: "Ils sont là. C'est eux. Ce sont eux qui sont nos vrais ennemis. Puissant, organisé, habile, déterminé. Vous les passez dans les rues, à la campagne ou sur le web, le plus souvent bien caché. Ils sont aussi haineux qu'ils sont lâches. Tu les connais. Le parti des agents de la catastrophe, les terroristes. L'extrême droite française. C'est ici."

And here is the original speech, Stefan Molyneux is referring to.  As they say in Germany: "Der Ton macht die Musik", and the delivery of this little piece of fear mongering is done quite skilfully; Emmanuel Macron and his many powerfull string pullers seem to be quite good at inciting hate. 

I don't think that, Emmanuel Macron, friend of the Muslim Brotherhood et al,  the islamisation of France and Sorros-financed    abolition of borders thinks of the same kind of people, that  supporters of Marine Le Pen (myself included) do, when they listen to this  song:

Nobody, apart from Marine Le Pen seems to mention Nice so much any more....lest we forget! I have not hear Macron mention the word "Islam" let alone Islamic Terrorism, another thing he seems to have in common with his sponsor, Obama........

This is Jacques Attali is one of Emmanuel Macron's major backers and his tutor. So it would be wise to pay attention to what he says in order to be better prepared for the future they have planned for us, should Macron win the election. Do I find what he says, frightening ? You bet I am !

"Islam is one of the founding and positive dimensions
of Europe's Past and Future."
 Jacques Attali

Update 1

I have just had a very disappointing  fight conversation with my "bestest" friend, she who, despite identifying as "anarchist" had promised to fulfil my birthday wish - by giving me her vote for Marine Le Pen. She now tells me that, after that disappointing "grande debate" between Le Pen and Macron, she cannot possibly vote for Marine. As a consolation, she told me, she will join the Abstentionists who, in France exist in such large numbers that "they" are now called "France's First Party".  Hmmmmmpfffff. 

Well, if even my "bestest", who is an intelligent and educated woman,  has fallen victim to the 3 decades of sustained and intense media-vilification of Le Front National, what hope is there ! So, I will now take off my gloves totally and fight for Marine Le Pen even more blatantly than before, and - if necessary - fight even dirty. As time presses,  (less than 10 hours left before the urns open), let's have a little "dirty fighting", perhaps we can safe at least some of the furniture:

“Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are.”

The close entourage of Emmanuel Macron includes quite a few unsavoury characters, including some paedophiles. I am not speaking of his wife who "met" him when he was 15 and she 40, although, technically she qualifies, nor will I name the 2 others about whom there have been rumours for many years, but one man in  Macron's very close circle has actually openly boasted of being a kiddie fiddler. He is Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one-time Greens Leader in the EU, darling of- and very popular contributor to- the French media. A  dual French/German citizen he once even openly canvassed for the legalisation of Paedophilia. 

The first part of this TV clip shows François Bayrou, mayor of Pau (64), président of MoDem who, although allegedly from the "Right" voted for Hollande in 2012 and  was one of the first to attach himself to Macron. So I suppose, as they sail both in the "orbit" of Mr. Bilderberg-Macron,  he must have "made up" with "Danny the Rouge" as Cohn-Bendit is affectionately known in France, where there is rather a lot of tolerance for sexual deviations. 

Update 2

And so, the day for the most important Presidential Election in 30 years has started...

A song to go with your croissants, your café au lait and your tartines beurrées ;). It comes from a time when Paris was still Paris and France was still France.....

A vote for Macron 
a vote for galloping Islamisation of France 

Yesterday, just one day before election day, a massive pile of documents were released via what we now call "Macron-Leaks" about  Emmanuel Macron. Eric Duhaime from Rebel Media went through the documents and found Macron's secret plan to islamise France. From a short look around Twitter, I remember seeing a post by  WikiLeaks which confirmed the authenticity of these documents. 

While the journalist from Rebel Media speaks of  a "secret" plan for the (further) islamisation of France, this plan  was not quite as secret as that. Marine Le Pen told us quite some time ago that a vote for Macron would mean a vote for a galloping islamisation of France and it is obvious here that Macron is beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk. In France they say that he will have to   "renvoyer l'ascenseur / send back the lift":

The polling stations in Metropolitain France have opened.  Life Streaming here:

More from the Macronleaks, this one about Macron's Immigration policies.

For or again Marine Le Pen: 
Spot the Difference!


The delightful Katie Hopkins: 


A barking Artist 

Published by AFP on April 29 it came with the description:

On Saturday afternoon, the artist (sic) Olivier de Sagazan began an unusual performance in Paris: he decided to bark for 3 hours on the Parvis de la Défense, in order to  "awaken the consciences" against the dangers of the National Front in the second round of the presidential election . 

The two Candidates have voted: 

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron have both voted towards the end of the morning, before returning to Paris. Marine Le Pen's HQ's are 262, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the VIIIe arrondissement. After that she will join her family and her team at the "Chalet du Lac", in the XIIe, near de Bois de Vincennes. 

Macron let it be known, that, in case of his victory, he would meet with his partisans in front of the famous Glass Pyramide of the Louvre, he who stated during the campaign that there was no such thing as a "French Culture", only a "Culture in France". 

According to Le Figaro (from where I also "borrowed" the photos below), the first election results should be out around 8 pm Paris time. 

Emmanuel Macron voted first,  shortly after 11 am at his polling station in Touquet  and, of course, his wife Brigitte was with him. (I wonder if she wears a wig?)

A few minutes later, Marine Le Pen voted in Hénin-Beaumont in the Pas-de-Calais. The man standing next to her is  Steeve Briois, the Mayor of the town. (And no, Marine is definately not wearing a wig! )

I think this is a cute photo: the hopefully next President of France coming out from what they call in France the "Isoloir". 

From the department of "little things can tell a lot": 

I cut out this following  short clip, not for anything that was said (so no sub-titles), but for the spontaneous reaction of Marine Le Pen, when one of her body guards stumbled. It showed, I think, more than anything what kind of woman and leader she is.  She was just coming out from that gruesome "grande debate" with Mr. Bilderberg-System-Macron and a lesser person would probably rather have licked her wounds than look after others....

*thinking aloud mode*

Emmanuel Bilderberg-Macron let it be known that,  "in case" that he would win the election, he would celebrate his victory on the big place in front of the Louvre by the Glass Pyramid.  I have observed that big and extensive preparations of the place had started early, far to early to have any idea of any voting results..........did they know something we did not ?.....

Last Update on this Post


Friday, 5 May 2017

French Police Hierarchy protects extreme Left Cop Killers

I have to thank Sébastien Jallamion for the video and information below.  You have met Sébastien Jallamion before: here and here. He now writes quite often for Riposte Laique

In his latest article he tells of the shock testimony from a CRS who was among the 6 policemen hurt during the violent leftist  demonstrations on the 1st May in the streets of Paris. This testimony proves that the Police hierarchy protects the violent left-wing militias, while it prevents the police from defending themselves - even from thugs who mean to kill them, also known as "Cop Killers".  

From memory, this disempowerment of the police started under the Hollande-appointed Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, whose sympathies were never with the victims nor the police, but with the violent thugs from France's  no-go zones. As an alarming aside: should Emmanuel Macron become Président on Sunday, that extreme leftist woman will, no doubt, be back at the Elysees, she is already coming out of the shadows again, slagging off at Marine Le Pen and the recent judicial persecution of the 2 conservative candidates looked a lot like the "griffe" of Taubira who still has "her" people in the halls of "Justice". 

And now to Sébastien's article: 

"An edifying testimony of one of the CRS wounded during the urban violence committed on May 1 in Paris was broadcast today by BFMTV. Régis Debord, union delegate at the UNSA Police, took advantage of the freedom of expression conferred on him by his statute to reveal a real scandal: the orders that would have enabled the neutralising  of what he rightly calls "Cop Killers" were not given!

Wounded around the neck, the CRS explains that the 150 individuals who came to battle with the security forces were separated from the rest of the protesters, facing the policemen whom they targeted with projectiles including incendiary bombs. During this confrontation, the CRS had a water cannon machine and defense bullet launchers. The order to use these weapons, non-lethal but effective in this kind of situation, was simply not given.

The result was that the whole of France was able to discover the shocking images of this CRS in flames which his colleagues had to extinguish with their bare hands. He was severely burned on his face and hands. Only 4 arrests were ordered.

The CRS told of  the anger of the police officers faced with this serious dysfunction of the hierarchical chain, denouncing the obvious will not to challenge those whom the Minister of the Interior had called himself "professional hoons". Professionals? A qualifier that should immediately call to the question: Who pays them? 

It should be remembered  that during the urban violence committed by the same "ultras"on the margins of  protests against new Labor laws  in Nantes and Rennes, the CRS had already denounced the same absence of instructions with the immediate effect of exposing them to serious injuries, to the point of clearly risking their lives.

This complacency and laxity are unacceptable, as it is clear that the police hierarchy directly challenged by the security forces receive their instructions from the highest summit of the state.

For the record, when they are in a consolidated unit, both the CRS and the mobile gendarmes can not act on their own initiative and are therefore dependent on the instructions given to them or, as in this case, not given to them. 

The lack of adequate and firm response does not only seriously expose police officers who pay a heavy price faced with  these organized and determined hordes, but it will lead to an escalation of violence among those individuals who feel galvanized by the laxity of which they profit.

If the police hierarchy persists in bending over backwards because of their own professional ambitions  to the point of jeopardizing the lives of their  subordinates, it is to be feared that in  future, when facing  these "cop killers",  a policeman will use his service weapon to save his skin. 

He should then not be assailed.