Friday, 27 November 2015

Paris Terror - Emma's "J'ACCUSE"

Hommages aux victimes: Emma did not go

François-Xavier Prevost, 29, resident of Lambersart (Nord), was assassinated on November 13 to the shouts of "Allah-u-Akbar", while attending the concert at the Bataclan in Paris. 

His sister Emma, like other relatives of the Paris Terror victims, was invited to participate in the national tribute, yet another media event organised by Hollande and his co-opportunists for Friday, November 27. She did not go. On her Face book page, she explained why she and her family decided to refuse "this outstretched hand by the political representatives of France":

"Because in France, since the attacks of January 7 to 9 this year which made 17 victims, nothing has been done [..]. 

Because in France, it is possible to be linked to a terrorist network, to "travel" in Syria, and to return freely to France [..]. 

Because in France, people known as "S" (= "endangering state security" or "terrorists") are allowed to move freely around [..].
Because in France, 89 mosques are recognised as radical, that is to say, they incite hatred. And that it was not until the tragic events of November 13th that finally the question of their dissolution is raised. [..].

Because in France, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was convicted in 2008, and is free in 2013. Because this same man is not afraid to tell the whole of France that he had hosted the terrorists for several days: "One asked me to render a service, I did render a service" [..]. (*)
Because the representatives of the French State decided to conduct air raids against the Islamist government in Iraq and in Syria yet did not bother to preserve the safety of their own citizens. " [..].

On behalf of the family of Francis Xavier Prevost, Emma concluded by addressing Francois Hollande, and the political class, with these words:

"We do not want your helping hand nor your homage as we hold you partly responsible for what happened to us! You should have acted earlier; the attacks of January should have been enough! "

(*) Jawad Bendaoud, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was sentenced in 2008 and was free in 2013 was the landlord who hosted the Paris terrorists to use his flat for several days.

Paris Terror - the MasterNasty (*)

(*) I just cannot bring myself to call it "Master M I N D". I know  real humans who have one of those  (a "mind") and would hate to compare.


Here is a video, featuring the "Master Nasty", Abdelhamid Abaaoud, at the beginning of this year. Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna has such a finely tuned  Galgenhumor that I will use his commentary  to re-introduce the horror strip: 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud: 
What I Did at Summer Camp

As part of his semester of study abroad, the recently deceased mastermind of the jihad massacre in Paris took a little working tour of the battlefront in Syria.

Vlad, Rita, and I didn’t know his name when we made this video back in March of 2014, but we’ve now learned that he was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a “Belgian” from the Molenbeek district in Brussels — also known as the “Gaza Strip of the Benelux”. In the video you can see the late lamented Mr. Abaaoud engaging in fun jihad camp activities, such as driving a vehicle around dragging corpses through the dirt.

And this was before the Caliphate was even proclaimed, back when the Islamic State was still ISIS, when it was confined to “Iraq and al-Shams”. Recent events have made it clear that Islamic State is now everywhere.

WARNING: Although this video blurs out the worst of the grotesque and bloody shots, it is still disturbing to watch. Readers who are sensitive to images of brutality and degradation may want to skip this one:


Below are the November 13 islamist terrorists who the media still describes as  "French" and "Belgians".  Looking at these nasty mutations (resulting from centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia?) I have some difficulties to  tell which ones are the "French" and which ones are the "Belgians".........


To recapitulate: 
"The Australian" featured  an extensive coverage of the terrorist attacks and the murdering Allah-u-Akbarists  in this article   this article, dated 20. 11. 2015: 

"Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of last Friday’s Paris attacks that killed 129 people, has been confirmed dead as more details emerge about the woman who was with him during the Saint-Denis raids, now named as Hasna Ait Boulahcen..."

... ...

Friday, 20 November 2015

Paris Terror: Marine LePen speaks

This was the first speech by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National, often referred to in the propagandist "main" media as  an "extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme  rrrrrrright mkay" party. She is one of the very few French leaders I personally respect and consider worth listening to. While the political class in France and their minions in the media treat her - at best - like the Cassandra of Greek mythology, the real French people  are listening to her, and  increasingly so. 


"...Moi, je ne veux pas que le Président lutte contre la peur,
je veux que le Président lutte contre le danger !"

I don't want the President to fight against fear, 
I want the President to fight against danger!

Marine Le Pen on "France Inter" 19. 11. 2015



If you understand French I recommend  TV-Libertés  for the best News and RE-information in France. 
This, by the way,  is not a paid ad - I don't do them - and nor do TV-Libertés  who survive on contributions. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Postcard from Merkel's "new Germans"

Frau Merkel:  Je vous ACCUSE !

Are you, Frau Merkel, proud of yourself, offering Germany up to this kind of - euphemistically referred to as - "people"?

Are you, Frau Merkel,  proud of enlisting the "online-services" of a former Stasi to hunt down German Patriots who dare disagreeing with you because they fear for their country?

Are you, Frau Merkel, proud of hunting down and prosecuting these German Patriots (eg PEGIDA) for "hate speech" while flooding German soil with the real haters?

I feel sick, literally SICK - not so much because of the message delivered in this moronic sing-song-whine of the Allah-u-Akbarists (we have learnt to expect death threats from these vermin nowadays),  but I am close to vomitting because they deliver this crap  in accent-free German. 

So they are obviously  2nd or 3rd generation "German-born" Turks/Arabs/ and assorted non-Germans. And this is the foundation upon which Frau Merkel has now built the scaffold on which to sacrifice my native country and that of Goethe, Schiller, Heine?!

I don't know exactly  to what  nasty piece of string-puller Merkel offers Germany on a platter, but I know that Germany does not deserve her nor it. 

Pfui Frau Merkel, Pfui ! 

If you are really interested in the "words" 
(you really cannot call these dogerell efforts "lyrics"), 
you will have to stop the video from time to time, as the sub-titles pass very fast.  
H/T for the video to: Bare Naked Islam

One does need a deep cleanse  after so much effluent. And I have just the cleanser we need:  The lyrics that bring  us  this part of German mythology (do google "Loreley") were written by Heinrich Heine (yes,  do google him too).


Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris Terror: Nothing to do with Islam?

I recommend you keep a vomit bucket at the  ready while LISTENING to 'their' message here or READING the written version below. If you have a strong stomach, you could listen and read that EveryThingToDoWithIslam testimony at the same time: 

And now to the  Sounds of Silence from their ^^^ moderate brothers and sisters: 

Caption reads: 
"Moderate" Muslims of France march en masse in the streets of Paris
to denounce the islamist terrorist attacks of Friday 13 November 2015
and as a sign of solidarity with the victims.  


Paris Terror: a taste of Palestine

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, really seems to like Mahmoud Abbas

"We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because the owners were Jewish." (*)

This sentence, chilling in view of the massacre that happened there on Friday 13. November  with more than a hundred dead was, according to police sources, delivered in the offices of the DCRI, in February 2011. The French services at that time questioned members of "Jaish al-Islam," the Army of Islam, suspected of the attack that killed a French student in Cairo in February 2009. They were planning an attack in France and had therefore targeted the famous Parisian theatre.

In 2007 and 2008, the Bataclan was already under the threat of more or less radical groups. At issue: regular conferences and galas of Jewish organisations, including the "Magav", a border guard unit attached to  the police of Israel. In December 2008, whereas the Israeli military operation was taking place in the Gaza Strip, the threats around the Bataclan became more specific. A video on the net showed a dozen youth, face hidden by Arafat keffiyehs, threatening officials at the Bataclan about the organisation's annual gala Magav. At the time, the daily " Le Parisien" devoted an article to this without really identifying thes "activists". And, in the process, the annual meeting was postponed.

Since then, whenever a Jewish organisation met  at the  Bataclan, many hostile comments flourish on the Web. Yet in recent years, they seemed to have faded. Nevertheless, the Israeli press recalled that the rock band Eagles of Death who performed Friday evening had toured Israel. (BDS connection)

The French Jewish Defence League, a group of young French Jews, much maligned because  they will fight back when attacked, wrote the day after the Terror:

"...What disgusts  me the most tonight is that pro-Palestinians openly refer to the Bataclan concert hall as "Zionist" and have organised several demonstrations against the place.  here's the result ... 

" France wakes up with a taste of "Palestine" ...

France, as a preventive action, will kill Jihadists 4000 km away, but lets roam freely islamists, well known to the security services. France, as a preventive measure must get rid of them on their soil."

The LDJ believe that the Islamic terror attacks will continue, and here is  (partly) why: 

Caption reads: 
"It's not an offence to advocate for Jihad".
Bernard CAZENEUVE, (French) Interior Minister

I wonder, will  his  Paris stand with Israel ? 

While, as I write,  there is  much solidarity shown, Bleu-Blanc-Rouge lighting experts out-doing themselves all over the world's most famous monuments, I find  this demonstration by thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square  the most poignant; they  probably know better than anyone, what Parisians might be going through right now...being there, doing that.  


(*) The Jewish owners recently sold the Bataclan

Thanks for the sub-titling of the video to VladTepes and Gates of Vienna

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris Terror - the BDS connection

Sorry friends, while I will post several comments on the latest islamic terror visited on Paris, the self-loving hash-tag compassionistas, the please-vote-for-me politicians and the members of the "5th column" formerly known as the "4th Estate "have given you enough inanely predictable and sugary clichés to make a diabetic of you, so I will forgo contrived sentimentality and insincere condolences. You may call me callous.

When the Islamic State finally claimed "responsibility" for the attacks (usually a sign that it's over for now) a friend skyped me with this astonishing theory: 

"Jewish people in France better batten the hatches. If true to form, these muslims will hit Jewish targets as well, just like they did with Charlie Hebdo and in Copenhagen. Both attacks went after Jewish targets shortly after the free speech/local attacks". 

So I went looking for a potential Jewish connection and found it via the Jewish Defence League here:

"Eagles of Death Metal, the band that played at the Bataclan on Friday night, where over hundred young people were massacred, had received previous threats from the BDS. They had played this summer in Tel Aviv.

Was that one of the 'reasons' why the attack was conducted against this auditorium that night?

Eagles of Death Metal

In any case, the International racist movement BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) had threatened the group at the time ... They had received dozens of couriers, emails and phone calls. Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli militants threatened the artists, sometimes with death.

BDS is a racist movement wishing  those who spread culture in Israel to suffer. On Friday night they succeeded.

Even Roger Water, the former Pink Floyd, had written to the group, demanding that they not play at the  Barbi Club (Tel Aviv).


Not that islamic terrorists need any excuse to kill and maim, but their apologists might cite the following two points as a "reason" for the barbarity: 

- The  Bataclan  is owned by a Jewish entrepreneur.

- The Bataclan is a theatre that is regularly threatened by anti-Semitic pro-Palestinians because it hosts an annual celebration in honour of Israel's border guards (Magav).

More about one of the specific threats against the Bataclan in my next post. (We are just sub-titling the relevant video).