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Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Mass Brainwashing of Germany

I don't know for how long the Merkel Mafia can still  hide the nasty reality  from the tourists.  Overseas visitors still report glowingly from their travelling the  Romantische Straße, take selfies at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, drink  beer still brewed to the  Bavarian Rheinheitsgebot, served  by buxom German girls at the Octoberfest, and they assure us that they have seen nothing untoward, no Islamic invasion, no faux refugees, and that all that talk about gang rapes, knife attacks, slaughter of german girls is probably just right wing propaganda. 

Between the travel brochures and this video from Paul Joseph Watson, published on 15. January, 2018,  an informed observer will know  who of the both has looked more closely  at the dirt that  has been swept under the carpet by the unholy German  trinity: Government/Media/Judiciary: 

"...When the Stasi inflicted a reign of psychological  terror on the German People, they achieved it by a combination of relentless  propaganda and threats of arrest and internment for anyone who dared to speak out. 28 years after the fall of the Stasi, many Germans are now asking: "Has that much really changed? " 

And I fear, even this would  come too late now...

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Childabuse on Merkel's State Media ? (updated)

The original of the sub-titled video below was published on 12. January 2018, by Politikstube.de 

It could be parody/satire (*), but in view of Germany's State-encouraged propaganda for the Islamisation of their country, and in view of other manipulative programs for Children/Adolescents, even if it was Satire, to me it seems to be a quite pertinent reflection of Public Broadcasting in Merkel's Germany. 

Politikstube commented:

"Unglaublich was sich das Zwangsfernsehen leistet: „Ab heute nennen wir Gott Allah“

Uns fehlen die Worte, was man im Zwangsfernsehen alles unternimmt, die Islamisierung voranzutreiben. Gegenüber dem kritisierten KIKA Beitrag ist das der Gipfel. „Alle Kinder sind Moslems“ – „Es gibt keinen Gott außer Allah“

["Unbelievable what forced-on-us television allows itself: "From today we call God Allah".

The words fail us about what the "Forced-on-us-Television" does in order to advance the Islamisation. Compared to the KIKA contribution which was criticised, this one tops it:

"All children are Muslims"..."There is no god but Allah".]

(*) The video is neither parody nor satire, see update at end of post. 

Is this ^^^ a  German version of Palestinian Children TV ? All that is missing is the call to kill  Jews...

But there is hope.......and it seems to come from Persia ! 

"Make Persia Great again" 

found this gem here:


Someone with the name of  "Old white guy" commented

"And a child shall lead them"

A little afterthought from the department of "thinking-aloud": 

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” is a quote that has been attributed from Aristotle, to St. Francis and the Jesuits, even to Sigmund Freud. These attributions are not mutually exclusive, I think the idea is valid. 

Although, child abuse does come in many forms and is evolving/devolving, today the saying could be: "give me a German child to the age of 7 and I give you a Muslim(a)". Or even, in this age of bizarre gender-manipulations: "give me a boy until the age of 7 and I'll give you the girl"


And no, it was not satire! 

German State TV Series: "Lindenstraße" Episode 1084 "Islam"
Murat (Erkan Gündüz is surprised how much Lisa (Santje Peplow) is defending Islam

That little schmaltzy video was a scene from a German State TV series, broadcast in 2006, one year after Angela Merkel became chancellor, and when she was  still pretending to be for  Germany and a "Conservative".  Then she met Sorros,  Erdogan, Obama etc....and the rest, as they say, is history. The number of Muslims in Germany  then was around 3.3 million. While exact statistics today seem  unreliable, the estimate of over 1.5 million Muslims having arrived in Germany  since 2015 is said to be conservative. 

The series was called "Lindenstrasse" and the young woman who "converted" - or "reverted" as Muslims call it - played the role of a young mother, Lisa, engaged to a Turkish Muslim, Murat,  who was working very hard to earn the money for the wedding. I watched that episode and a few that followed, until I came close to a saccharine overdose. You got a taste of it in the video above. 

More information to "Lindenstraße" here

Update 2

Some Germans seem to have fallen for the manipulation in this series. Here is one sample of one such comment at VladTepesBlog

"...I’ve said this before: the Lindenstrasse clip with the mother and the child is actually CRITICIZING the conversion of the mother.

Watch the conversion scene from 1:34 on, listen to the creepy music, look at the child’s disturbed face.
I have checked back with friends who actually watched Lindenstrasse back then. They told me that as the series progresses, the Turkish character that this woman is going to marry talks her out of her fanatical nonsense.... "

My response:

In Answer to some who seem to “defend” this low-brow but extremely manipulative soap “Lindenstrasse” . 

I have been sitting through 8 or 9 episodes of “Lindenstrasse” last night – not very enjoyable. 

The scene depicted in the video is not so much “taken out of context” as it is the distillation of the main “message” from this TV series. The fleeting moment of the child’s frown is merely a subtle pretend criticism to better catch the “stupid German flies”. I actually ironised the Arabic “Shahada” in my translation, but translated the “serious” text faithfully. 

For those who are pressed for time the short version of the soap’s “message” obviously was: ...

...to paint the Muslims (in this case Turks) as the “moderates” and the “Germans” as the silly and/or fanatics. They obviously succeeded in this, reading  about the reaction of those who watched the soap “at the time”. 

Let me be a little more cynical, after sitting through this slush for a few hours:

Soap creators (in this case German State approved, probably even State employed people) are far less simplistic than their Target audience. The story line which for me crystallised from the 8 or 9 episodes I watched was: 

– German girl falls in love with (Turkish good Muslim).

- The child is not hers, so he “even” accepts to be a “dad”, how good is that!

- She reads up on Islam and, as Germans do, goes berserk ie “reverts” (converts), adheres to the strict rules of Ramadan and, what in 2006 was still on the “extreme” side, puts on the  islamic head scarf.

–  All the good Muslim boyfriend does is:

work work work to save enough money for their wedding.

Complies but timidly complains about her strict rules of fasting during Ramadan. (He is oh-so cute when he sneaks into the fridge to stuff his face during the official "fast" and she, the “authoritarian” GERMAN-turned-muslima catches him.)

When she decides to “wear the head scarf”, he tries to dissuade her – first softly, then with his own “muslim victimoid” anecdotes:

He tells her how, “looking Turkish” (which he does not too much really) in the Tramway, a woman “this very morning” moved away from him and his big bag filled with toys for the little boy, insulting him by suggesting he was a Muslim Terrorist “I had a little boy with me, and teddy bears etc were visible on the top of my bag”. And he gets into a plaintive rant about all the Muslim terrorists being Pakistani, Arabs, North Africans, yet the stupid Germans took HIM, the loving moderate Turkish Muslim for a Terrorist…..etc. “we are asking for trouble from the Germans if we SHOW we are Muslims…we have to be Muslim on the inside” etc. 

This persuades her to abandon her Head Scarf.

She is on the way to “see reason”, and become a good muslima but not show it too much as her innate German fanaticism had tempted her to do.

Then there are the obligatory few side-characters who are really “intolerant, racist, bad and stupid” (even attacking TOLLLLLERANT Germans) and yes, you guessed it: the baddies and stupidos were Germans. 

While the Islamisation of Germany might have had the seeds in the earlier large influx of Turkish Guest Workers, it took flight in this – seemingly stupid – but in fact VERY manipulative Soap. There were soppy side stories, again where the actors represented the good, brave, intelligent, integration-willing “refugees”. 

In the countries I live in, there is the equivalent of manipulative propaganda, often aimed by their time-slots and level of intelligence  at children/adolescents and the more gullible adults. 

Suffering from Islamo-Nausea, I find these means as, if not more dangerous than the “out-there” islamist, because they administer the poison slowly, and sugar-coated to the “masses”. 

Update 3

I'm a big fan of Robert Spencer and feel like a little bragging right now, since Jihad Watch picked up the story :)

Friday, 12 January 2018

Oprah for President ? No Thanks !

THAT  faaaaamous Golden Globe Awards  speech in which clichés flew as if there was no tomorrow,  had everything Hollywood does so well: Race Biting, virtue signalling,  net-working, schmaltzy over-acting (not quite as bad as Meryl Streep's though), Trump-Bashing, and all washed down with  standing ovations from a public of  perpetrators clad in black and masquerading as victims. 

A favourite of mine, author and commentator Mark Steyn discusses  the prospect of Oprah potentially running for president and her Harvey Weinstein connection with another favourite of mine, Tucker Carlson.

Gad Saad reports about the infinite Healing Power of Oprah's Speech and reads out some witness statements about the miracles it caused....

Just the Woman America needs as a President...

I think Oprah is not as bad as some, and I actually quite like her, but please, please, PLEASE not as President !!! It would be - as the man said "du déjà vu all over again".  

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bananas = Haram under Islam?

I did think that Bananas were Halal and I'm sure Muslimas like bananas too....but tough luck.....however, let no-one tell me again, that Muslims cannot be funny....

Authentic assertions made on the National Broadcaster of Australia, the ABC,  in all seriousness by their resident "expert" on Islam and ideal star as she ticked all the boxes that would grant her a no-questions-asked cushy job: she was Muslim, she was brown and she was female.  Happily, she is gone to Londonistan, hopefully never to return to these happy shores.  

Well, am I glad I'm not a member of this "most feminist Religion". The American pro-ISIS Muslima and Jihadi-de-Service, Linda Sarsour who described her Prophet Mohamed as a "Feminist", seriously !!! and led the New York anti-Trump "feminist march" actually wanted to cut off the vaginas of Hirsi Ali (*) and Brigitte Gabriel...some feminist. 

And now: Bananas and Music !

Likes and Loathes for January 2018

In no particular order I will just post "miscellanous"  items here which I like, love and/or loathe.


The numbers of this demonstration are in direct inverse proportion to its sheer beauty. For a long time I have not seen such a genuinely fresh (and I'm not referring to the meterology) and visually appealing protest. Bravo to the participants - a limp wristed islamophile (if not closet muslim) like Trudeau does not deserve such people.

Make Iran Persia again !

A sample of Sharia
 as subscribed to by the "Ayatollah Khomeini", 
whose regime gave us the misleading term:  

What is it with the French: they harboured the dirty old man, Ayatolla Khomeny, in their beautiful country, until he could destroy another country which had the potential for beauty. 

I TOTALLY, love this one: 

The truly UGLY....this happened in Sweden, the failed state, just a couple of weeks ago, simply because President Trump called Jerusalem, what it really is: the "Capital of Israel". Sheeeshhh

H/T  Vlad Tepes

The Angela Merkel retirement song

I challenge you not to giggle at that one :D



Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The German State mirrors Hitler's Lebensborn

"Goebbels hat seinen Meister gefunden. Goebbels war ein Waisenknabe gegenüber denen die heute am Werk sind..."

"Goebbels has found his masters Goebbels was an orphan compared to  those who are at work today"...  

...says German Author and Blogger, Oliver Janich. He is speaking of the  blatant indoctrination of children by German State Television,, in one of their Children-Programs!, in this case a nauseatingly romanticised love story between a young German girl and a young Arabic "Refugee".  Having met the young girl when she was 14 or 15 via "Refugee Welcome Sponsorship" the Arab Muslim  was then, allegedly 17,  and therefore  accepted by Merkel's Germany as a "CHILD refugee".

I will post here an article by PI-News Journalist, Michael Stürzenberger followed by a cris du coeur via video from Austrian Identitarian co-leader, Martin Sellner. Judge for yourself what "age" you give the "Child Refugee".  

And I will let you make up  your own mind, if we have here German-State-Sponsored Paedophilia, with an unhealthy dose of race-political engineering. 

How is the Merkel Government not mirroring Hitler's Lebensborn ?


The 24-minute film by KiKA titled "Look into my world! - Malvina, Diaa and Love "is a blatant advertising show for relationships between German girls and" refugees "from the Arab world.

The childrens'- and adolescents' channel of ARD / ZDF (Public TV) broadcast a slushy pseudo documentary on 26 November, where a Syrian Muslim from Aleppo turns the head of a 16-year-old naive, unsuspecting and "goodly" girl.

With cheesy music, romantic love letters and harmonious scenes, the GEZ media sends this completely irresponsible pimp show into the heads of young German girls.

16-year-old Malvina works as a volunteer in the "refugee" centres, as befits a politically correct German girl.

There she noticed the Syrian Diaa 17 months ago, who immediately showered her with compliments. She was only 15, maybe even 14 years old. The Muslim turned her head the next day with heart-warming love letters, which KIKA also portrays accordingly.

All the rules of art are used to stage a perfect world. One can imagine what this will trigger in young  girls, yearning for love,  in this country.

Malvina tells how her heart beats, how very much in love she is, how indescribable feelings she has, how many butterflies she has in her stomach and how she wants to be with him constantly. The noble Arab who carries his girlfriend everywhere, a true dream for every girl's heart:

By the way we hear  that the alleged Prince Charming has already asked whether she would like to cover herself with a  headscarf.

Also, she should no longer wear short dresses,  at most to the knee.

He also does not like her to  hug other men at all , and even wants to tell her whom she is allowed to talk to. 

And then he wants to marry her as soon as possible. He already teaches Arabic to her. And he has already asked her,  if she could imagine becoming a Muslim.

If KiKA had even a single spark of responsibility, a blunt explanation about the contempt for women in Islam would have to follow now. But far from it. The love story continues to be knitted nicely.

Diaa (*) is obviously a strict Muslim who says himself:

"I grew up in an Arab-Islamic culture. I believe in my culture and religion. Religion shows you the rules that you must adhere to, that is a principle to live. No religion, no rules, no life. " (my bolds)

Since KIKA fails to do so, we must now warn Malvina and all other German girls urgently, what they can expect if they get involved so that they do not soon experience a bitter awakening. Because the rules of Islam concerning women are hard as nails:

Once she is married to the Muslim, he stands above her. If he only fears her stubbornness, he must beat her (Sura 4, verse 34). Sexually, she must be willing to submit at all times (Sura 2, verse 223). And she should not even think about separation, because then she experience the same thing as Mia in Kandel. (Translator: Young 16 y.o. German girl slaughtered just last week by another so-called Afghan "Child Refugee" ) This image could very soon have a different meaning:

(*) His real name, it was found out, is actually : Mohammed Diayadi

The Syrian Muslim is against homosexuals. And this often causes a dispute says Milvana.

Milvana says that she is a convinced Christian (so far! ) and a woman's libber (so far ). But  usually she gives in during discussions, and then they would get along again. Sure, if she submits, everything will be fine, just like in the movie.

Diaa already had a relationship with a woman in Syria. How old he is, is not said in the film, but he should be well over 20. He is the strapping firstborn, who was sent by the family from Aleppo so that the entire clan can follow him, first the father and a sister ...

... and meanwhile the mother, two other brothers and one more sister followed him. So in total seven new Mohammedan citizens . The women, of course, all with headscarves.

In all their heads,   the Koran chip is ticking. One is getting ready to transform a Christian into a Muslim, and then the Muslim production starts. The older of the two brothers will soon go for  German girls. Maybe there is such a matchmaking meeting place as in Kandel [were the last German girl victim met her slaughterer], which was supported by the mayor and the Protestant pastor. The two sisters will  soon be married by the family boss according to his ideas - that is, to Muslims.

It does not take a math genius to imagine how quickly the Muslim majority will be  reached in the population, if the "refugee" invasion continues, and family reunification will also be carried out by the old treacherous parties.

Our country is moving fast towards an Islamic horror republic. TV Progras like these from KIKA support this development.

About the author of this article,  Michael Stürzenberger:

Readers of  Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and this blog know him as we have often reported how the German powers, including the Judiciary, hunt him in packs for his  Islam Criticism, which these days is practically "verboten" in Merkel's Germany. 

PI NEWS author Michael Stürzenberger has been a freelance journalist for 35 years, ia. until the end of 2008 for the Bayern-Journal on RTL and SAT.1-Bayern, when his boss Ralph Burkei became  the victim of an Islamic terrorist attack  in Mumbai . In 2003/2004 he worked as press spokesman for the CSU Munich with the daughter of  Franz Josef Strauss, Monika Hohlmeier. From 2014 to 2016 he was federal chairman of the party "Die Freiheit". His videos on Youtube so far have over 20 million hits. He can be reached via his Facebook page.

After this article above PI NEWS published a second article from Michael Stürzenberger, which cleared a few things up. It would make this post too long if I translated it here in Toto, but just this about the name:

"...Update: The Mohammedan is not called Diaa, as KIKA pretends, but Mohammed Diayadi. That sounds much more like the fundamental Islam that he has obviously internalised...."

And  this little paragraph  will clear up why,  among all the other things we also have obviously to do with state-sponsored paedophilia:

"...In the KIKA documentary Malvina reports that the Muslim wrote love letters to her  on the second day after meeting her. Then she was an innocent 14 y.o., while he was maybe 25, maybe even older. 18 cannot be correct in any case.

It is nothing new,  that adult Mohammedans lie when they arrive, saying they are underage so as to receive the full benefits from the state subsidy machinery...[...]...It is after all coranically correct to take from the unbelievers..." 

And here is the commentary by Martin Sellner, who is always worth listening to. 

Below, Martin Sellner posts his sources. I found that clicking on "pi-news" gets me a warning that "pi-news" is an unsafe site. It is, among Islam- and Merkel-critical sites the Big Bête Noire of the Stasi Mob in power, so I think it's just another political manipulation to silence critical voices. I have not had any problems with that hugely alternatively informative  site. 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Let Freedom Ring - in Germany

Here is part of a speech by one of the few German politicians I admire, a sane, courageous and intelligent voice  that Merkel, via her "Justice" Minister, the Eichmann-look-alike (*) Heiko Maas, wants to silence. Her  colleague,  Beatrix von Storch (another woman politician worth admiring)  is the AfD politician, that Heiko Maas has already succeeded to get blocked on Twitter and Face Book via the liberticide law that came into effect on January 1st. Both platforms could really do with an injection of Class against the prevailing vulgarity. 

And so, here you have   the woman  whom the German Judiciary  officially condoned to be called a "Nazi Slut" (eine Nazi Schampe).


In 2013 

I joined the AfD because for me the idea 

and the promise of freedom are the focus. 

Freedom is an abstract word. And let me 

explain briefly what freedom means
 to me in concrete terms

Freedom means deciding who 

we are governed by. 

Freedom means being able to say without fear 
what you think and what you feel. 

Freedom means founding a family, 
keeping the fruits of one's own 

work and be able to pass them onto one's children. 

Freedom means to create your life freely 

and to be happy according to your own choice. 

And here is the common

ideological foundation between Alexander Gauland and me. 

For when we look at who has come to Germany

in the last few years, we realise that these are not 

always friends of freedom, who came to us. 

I ask the question: Are Imams

preaching in (unclear) mosques for the Erdogan regime in Turkey 

friends of freedom?

Are the four Serb youths who in Hamburg

gang rape a girl

and record this on video and are then acquitted, are they 

friends of freedom? Is a Bulgarian

who kicks a woman down the stairs 

is he a friend of freedom? 

Are uninhibited Muslims who 

at a demonstration in Berlin shouted: "HAMAS


are these friends of freedom, ladies and gentlemen ? !

They are definitely no friends 

of freedom. And that is why I am, in all the important issues of our 

time, even as a "Liberal" 

in perfect harmony with the Conservatives

in our party, and you know why? Because 

certain things, for a true liberal, are not 

negotiable. Democracy and free 

elections: non-negotiable. Freedom of expression and the press: 

not negotiable.  Separation of State 

and religion: non-negotiable

The right of every woman to drive, 

work and not be beaten by her husband: 


No hate speech and violent attacks on Jews:

No homosexuals hanged from 

construction cranes or pushed off the roof: 

not negotiable. No truck barriers and no 

machine guns to protect Christmas markets

that is not negotiable. And I tell you:  Our Constitution

our liberal democratic constitution is not 


If you wonder about the "picture" coming with this  song,  look up "Die weiße Rose"...

(*) In case you wondered about my describing Merkel's willing executioner, Heiko Maas,  as an Eichmann look-alike: Have a look here, the look-alike-ness is even physical...

Plus ça change, plus ça reste la  même chose....