Saturday, 23 April 2016

Musical Interlude by the IDF

Jews and Israel are not the problem: 

Jews and Israel ARE  part of the solution !


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Passover

Passover 2016  begins at sunset of Friday, April 22, and ends at nightfall of Saturday, April 30. 

It celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, as told in this delightful little video. And with this I wish not only my past, present and future Jewish friends a happy Celebration, but all the Jewish people who might  pass by my little blog:    

Happy Pesach to you all !

Moses Goes Down from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn about the Passover and more, I think the  The Jewish Virtual Library is a  much  better place to look for information about Israel and the Jewish people than "The Hamas Charter", the list of UN resolutions and/or assorted spreaders of Jew-Hatred, including unfortunately the main stream media and large parts of the Internet.  

Allah's Allergies: he doesn't like Susies

Confession: I mainly post this little video because I want to have an excuse for bringing you the cute song that follows it.

At first I actually thought (correctly) that this video was a send-up,    but was mistaken in taking the pontificator for a comedian ; the clip  is taken from a seeeeerious video by a seeeeeerious  islamic preacher. If you have time to kill and the stomach for it, you can find the original, full catastrophe, here:

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Muslim rapists: majority or minority? Gavin Boby

During a conversation with an Australian  friend I casually asked him if he had heard of the "Child Grooming scandal in Britain". 

His adult  university educated daughter has been living in London for several years, his son, having married a German lives in Germany and my friend travels frequently to these shores.  He is also more intelligent than to limit his information gathering solely to the taxpayer funded ABC or SBS, both channels who get their orders main information and "perspectives" from Al Jazeera (as does the BBC and their ilk). But, to my surprise, he'd never heard of the Rotherham Grooming Scandal. He and millions of others. 

From Vlad Tepes comes the Gavin Boby  video below.  I will send my friend a link to it and also buy him the book "Cheap Meat" for his upcoming birthday. I have just started reading it.

The book’s title comes from former UK Home Secretary, Jack Straw, who saw Muslim perpetrators viewing non-Muslim British victims as “easy meat.” Indeed, some Muslim sex-gang groomers actually blame the girls, some as young as 11 years old, for being purposely alluring and sexually advanced to corrupt Muslims.

So, the short answer to Gavin Boby's question: "Are Muslim child rapists the majority or the minority?" is unequivocal and supported by real statistics. 

In an interesting article on the subject, the American Thinker in an excellent critique of the book writes this:

"...The backdrop for sexual grooming and enslavement of children lies in Islamic doctrines outlined by McLoughlin.

He reviews the pervasive slave-taking history of Islam from the 7th century, as well as Islamic doctrine from the Koran citing Islam's view of non-Muslims, its treatment of women and sexual slaves, and the permissibility of sex with children by Mohammed’s example with his nine-year-old third wife, Aisha.

McLoughlin explains how sex as rape has historically been used as a weapon of war to assert Islamic supremacy. Islamic doctrine encourages the rape and enslavement of non-Muslims, even with married infidel women as a legal and moral enterprise..."

Do I hear "Cologne", "Hamburg", "Stuttgart"  anywhere Ladies and Gentlemen?.....Because  that, my dear compatriots in Germany is a glimpse of what Merkel, Adolf Erdogan et al  have prepared  for you. 


Monday, 18 April 2016

The Rape of Germany

Translating this one got under my skin, deep deep under my skin. 

Many thanks to Vladtepes and Gates of Vienna for the subtitling. 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ode to Adolf Erdogan

Thank you to GoV and Vladtepes for the sub-titling.

Caption reads: "The Long Arm of Erdogan"


Tommy Robinson: the End ?

We wrote about the latest episode in this shameful saga (shameful for the the "authorities" whoever they are, of that once "Great" Britain) here.  This time, thanks to an emerging solidarity among decent folk, Tommy escaped what surely would have resulted - without being too melodramatic - in  serious injury if not death.  Lets stay awake to what is/was nothing less than a concerted and sustained attempt to commit "murder by muslim" on Tommy Robinson. 

I just love the beginning of this video below, where he blows a little kiss to his wife and children. :) That is followed by a radio interview. H/T to  Shirlee from Jews-Downunder

And now I went, once again, shopping at Gates of Vienna who who did much to bring this story out into the open. Baron Bodissey writes: 

"...Yesterday evening, after the court case against him was dismissed, Tommy Robinson was interviewed at length by Trinity Channel, an American Christian broadcaster. The topic was “The Islamization of the United Kingdom”.

Now that Tommy’s legal entanglements are over (for the moment), he is able to speak out freely about the persecution he has suffered at the hands of the British state. In this excerpt there are details about what happened to him that I hadn’t heard before...."

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Still borrowing from Gates of Vienna: 

"...The full video is recommended viewing. In addition to Tommy’s segments, Nonie Darwish is interviewed about sharia and the Islamization of the West."