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Ilan Halimi's Last Day (Pinned Post)

I will keep this post pinned to the top until I have kept my promise to write something for every one of the 24 days that Ilan Halimi was held captive and tortured.

On the final day, Youssef Fofana, the leader of the Barbarians, slit Ilan's throat, twice, and poured a flammable liquid on him to try to set him on fire. But this reportedly did not burn him to death, because Ilan walked for perhaps one hour trying still to find a way to live.  Source

I know I promised to "post something on Ilan Halimi every day until the 13. February, day of his death, to get a tiny inkling of how long his torture lasted". I did not keep my promise, but I will make up for it, and add something here, for each of the 24 days he was tortured. And I will pin this post to the top until I have done so. 

Here is how Ilan's mother, Ruth Halimi, described the 13. February 2006 to the journalist, Deborah Freund: (Full article at

February 13

That night I feel a strong force hurl my bed against the wall and I wake up. “Something happened to Ilan! I’m sure of it!” I tell the policemen in my living room. Of course, they think it’s only the ranting of a hysterical woman. It was five a.m. They say that a mother knows. I checked it out later.

On February 13, at five o’clock in the morning, Ilan was first shaven, like six million other Jews, and flung into the forest by his torturers. He managed to take the mask off his eyes, and as Fofana later reported, look them straight in the eye. I am a human being, his eyes told them. He received a few knife stabs for that. Then, like many of the six million before him he was set on fire and burned alive, having been sprayed with a flammable substance. Then his tormentors left.

It was raining that morning; Ilan managed to roll down on the leaves towards the highway. A black woman, a secretary like me, saw him lying by the side of the road, stopped her car and called the police. She accompanied him in the ambulance and did not leave his side. He was still alive in the ambulance but died on the way to the hospital. I console myself that my son died hearing a soothing voice.

When he was found guilty Fofana declared, “I killed a Jew, and for that I will go to Paradise.” The police publicly admit to the press that it was an anti-Semitic crime.


The second part of the video shows members of the French Branch of the Jewish Defence League entering the "cité" of Bagneux, a no-go zone where even Firefighters need police protection. It was in Bagneux where Ilan was held prisoner and tortured. The young men from the Jewish Defence League put up posters and  chanted  "Justice for Ilan" remembering him on the 5th anniversary of his death. 

I consider the JDL a brave group of young Jews who do not believe in  "meekly tending the other cheek" and consequently get often a bad press from a media who tend to be more on the side of the racaille

Day 6 

Ilan's Mother   

While I will write something for each day of Ilan's Calvary, and while I will number the days in order, it will not be a correct chronology of facts. I will also keep the posts on one page to make it easier to read. 

Marc Weitzmann, in a series on French anti-Semitism, wrote one article on Ilan Halimi. He titled it:

The following extracts come from this article.

Ruth Halimi, Mother of Ilan

About Ilan's mother Marc Weitzmann writes: 

"The 20th (January 2006, day of the abduction) was a Friday.

“It was Sabbath! Sabbath!” Ilan’s mother, Ruth Halimi, told me.

A small but strong and maternal woman of Moroccan origins, she has managed to keep her strength and dignity through the whole ordeal thanks, she says, to the comfort of her religion and the support of the Jewish community. (Ruth Halimi has been employed at the Council of Jewish Organizations in Paris for the last 22 years.)

I’m furious with Ilan to this day!” she said, before adding, “Do not get me wrong, he was a great, great kid. He was amazing, the pillar of the house. He played the father role with his sisters since I divorced, a very responsible young man. But I was already pulling my hair out because of this Chinese girlfriend he got. So, what did he need to see this other one for? A Muslim? And a Friday night on top of it?

Well, he was 22."

Day 7 

"Yalda" the honey trap

"...The daughter of an Iranian nurse and political refugee, Sorour Arbabzadeh was 17, beautiful, and fleshy. Although obviously smart, she also was still in the 10th grade.

In France since 1999, after the death of her father—a violent man, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, who had married her mother by force and reportedly beat Sorour during most of her childhood—she was raped two years later, at 14, by three teenagers of the cité. (A complaint filed by the mother against the boys at the time was soon withdrawn, possibly under pressure of the neighborhood.) The battalion of juvenile court judges, trained caregivers, and social workers who’d followed the girl since then had been unable to prevent her from multiple suicidal attempts.

Sorour, the trial showed, was brought into the gang by Tiffen, a semi-homeless young woman of 20, who was born in Brittany to a Catholic family and then converted to Islam at 15. Out of her devotion to Fofana, Tiffen had found some targets for the kidnappings in the cité for him—some of them among her own friends—but she lacked confidence to play the vamp part and had suggested Sorour instead. In a blink, Fofana was convinced. “I can do marvels with you,” he is reported to have said to Sorour the minute they met.

Immature, manipulative, and manipulated both, Sorour said she accepted Fofana’s proposal to be used as a honey trap as “a favor to him” only—and against the promise of a reward of 3,000 to 5,000 euros...."

Day 8

The Kidnapping

"...On Jan. 16, 2006, Sorour entered a cellphone store on the Boulevard Voltaire, where she flirted with a 22-year-old clerk named Ilan Halimi. One hour after the young man gave her his number, she called him to fix a date for a drink four days later, on the 20th at 10 p.m., in the inner south suburb. “He’s nice,” she confided to Tiffen after hanging up, “he’s cute.”

The said day, he met his new acquaintance for a drink at the Paris-Orléans, one of those gray, anonymous cafés where the ground is strewn with cigarette butts and race tickets and migrant workers from the old generation watch TV. She said she lived alone, offered that he bring her back home. When she arrived, to the gang hidden nearby she gave the proper signal, which was to look in her purse for her keys.

Some months later, after Ilan had been found walking on a railway line, naked and handcuffed, three times wounded by a knife and with two-thirds of his body covered in third-degree burns (he died a few hours after his transportation to the hospital), Sorour told the cops that she heard his shrill voice cry for two minutes as he resisted the gang members who were trying to lock him up in a car trunk. (Students in an adjacent street also saw him from afar, struggling as he was taken by the arms and legs. Because of the high pitch of his cries, they say they took him for a girl playing a joke, and thought of a joke and didn’t call the cops—they would’ve come too late, if ever, anyway.) In tears after the car took off, Sorour found comfort in the kind words of Maurice, another one of the gang members—a computer engineer from Martinique who also had converted to Islam. “This is not your fault,” he told her. “This is all over anyway.”

A bit later that same evening Fofana invited the two of them plus Sorour’s boyfriend Sami—an apprentice model she’d recently met on the Internet—to a cheap restaurant in Montparnasse to celebrate. She had an ice cream. Fofana also offered Sorour and Sami a 109-euro three-star hotel room nearby for the night. Not exactly the 5,000 promised but a good, relaxing time nonetheless. And she did get pregnant that night..."

Day 9

The Torture 

During the whole three weeks Ilan Halimi was wrapped in tape from foot to head with only a hole left for him to breathe (“He looked like a mummy,” said one of his jailers to the police afterward), nourished with a straw only and left on the ground, first in an empty unheated apartment of the cité, then in the building’s boiler room, which was even colder.

The cellar where Ilan was held and tortured
(Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

Ilan would be untied only to be taken to the toilet, and beaten and burned with cigarette butts out of Fofana’s frustration, since, despite threats and pressure, “the Jews” did not pay. 

His situation worsened, once in the boiler room because then he could only piss in a bottle and defecate in a plastic bag, which infuriated the jailer who had to hold the bag for him and would beat him for it— at the end of these weeks he was cleaned up with cheap soap and water first, and then with acid, because his jailers, inspired by a TV series, thought acid would erase any traces of their DNA. He was then beaten again, handcuffed, and put naked in a pair of sheets, taken out of the building and into the woods only to be stabbed and burned alive by Fofana.

Day 10

The Demonstration

A friend commenting on the riots taking place in  Paris at the moment under the pretext of "solidarity with Theo" a black Muslim migrant who was (allegedly) man-handled by the Police while resisting arrest, asked me why there were no such demonstrations of solidarity with the young Ilan Halimi after his assassination.  "There were demonstrations" I told him. But when Jews demonstrate in Paris, they don't attack police, bash people, burn cars and destroy property as do the thugs  referred to by the French people as "racaille".  (Politicians will refer to them as "disadvantaged youth" or other such euphemisms, religiously avoiding any allusion  to their mostly migrant, more often than not arabo-sub-Saharan Muslim background). 

A fortnight after they found the tortured body of Ilan Halimi,  a crowd of  up to 200,000 people, of mainly  Jewish confession, went into the streets of Paris, demonstrating against violence, racism and anti-Semitism. 

Day 11

A Song

Day 12

“All Jews are rich”

In the final part of a series on French anti-Semitism, dated September 2, 2014, Marc Weitzmann writes about what he calls  "echoes and paradoxes of a gruesome murder". The title of the article reads: 


"The trap that would lead to the abduction, torture, and murder of Ilan Halimi was set in the winter of 2006 on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris, a few blocks from where I live. In the months prior, kids from one of the toughest cités, Bagneux—who called themselves, Clockwork Orange-style, “the gang of the Barbarians”—had repeatedly tried to abduct people for ransom. Led by a 27-year-old first offender named Youssouf Fofana, the fifth child of Ivory Cost migrants, the gang members were between 16 to 26 years old and ethnically diverse.

They set up their prospective victims in a particular way: A girl, selected by Fofana, would get in touch with some man for a date and ask him to bring her back into the suburb after their appointment. As a diversion for the cops, the youngest members of the gang would set fire to a car, while the others would jump on the potential victim.

So far, though, their method had spectacularly failed: All the targets, most of whom had Jewish names, had either foreseen the trap or escaped. In one almost successful attempt—which ended after the gang apparently panicked—the victim, Mickaël D., was found handcuffed and swimming in his own blood and told the police that his aggressors had called him “kike” and “dirty Jew.” Fofana had also tried to blackmail doctors by sending his pawns to ask for fraudulent sick leave. All those doctors were also Jews. And he had sent anonymous threat letters or Molotov cocktails to public figures—the president of Doctors Without Borders, Rony Brauman; Jérôme Clément, director of the French cultural channel Arte; lawyer Joseph Cohen-Saban among others, all of whom were Jewish. All these plots had failed, too.

But persistence is the key to success. In January 2006, under the assumption that had driven Fofana from the start, and that he repeatedly stated at his trial three years later—namely, that “all Jews are rich”—he and some of his gang started to pace the Boulevard Voltaire, looking for “Jewish stores.”...

(from: Tablet Magazine)

Day 13

Anti-Semitism Kills

In this ^^^ video, there is mention of Mohamed Merah who murdered, among others,  3 little Jewish children and a father/teacher. I wrote about it then, but things have become even more repulsive in that there are now nasty pieces of work who openly and shamelessly "hero-worship"  the Arab terrorist,  Merah, among them one of his brothers and his sister who are reported to  have become quite "popular" among local jihadis.  

Day 14

Does this Darkness have a Name ? 

Day 15

"24 Days" The Film

Published on Sep 23, 2014

The True Story of the Ilan Halimi Affair

Now on Blu-ray, DVD & Video-on-Demand

French director Alexandre Arcady delivers one of the most “wrenching and politically astute” films to come out of France over the past year (Screen Daily). Based on a book co-written by the victim’s mother, Ruth Halimi, Arcady’s cinematic adaptation offers a vicious circle of dangerously realistic events: from the kidnapping and torture of Ilan Halimi at the hands of the Gang of Barbarians, to the the 600-plus phone calls, insults, and threats received by the family, though the Parisian police’s incompetence in dealing with what was clearly an anti-Semitic crime.

Day 16

The Dying

"...It was raining that morning; Ilan managed to roll down on the leaves towards the highway. A black woman, a secretary like me, saw him lying by the side of the road, stopped her car and called the police. She accompanied him in the ambulance and did not leave his side. He was still alive in the ambulance but died on the way to the hospital. I console myself that my son died hearing a soothing voice..."

An extract from the film "24 Days":

Day 17

Going Home to Israel

Following are a few short extracts from the book that Emilie Frèche wrote in co-operation with Ruth Halimi, Ilan's Mother "24 Jours" The book was also the base for the film of the same title. The following passages are taken from pp 13 - 15. 

"There is no tranquillity in this cemetery of the Paris region, no peace, no silence, nothing but a dull and incessant noise that hinders the repose of the dead. No doubt this is why I wanted to bury Ilan in Jerusalem. 
I wanted it right away, right from the start, it was obvious to me. But his father and sisters thought differently. They wanted to keep him close to them, to be able to visit him whenever they felt the need. And so Ilan was buried here, in Pantin, on Friday, February 17, 2006." 


"I came back to Ilan's grave in March, April, May, and then every other month until this Wednesday, February 7, which is the first anniversary of his death. Throughout this year, I have never abandoned the idea of transferring his remains to Israel. I felt it my duty, as a mother, to offer my son a rest that I thought was impossible here. For it is here, on this earth, that Ilan was starved, beaten, wounded, burnt. How can you rest in peace on a soil where you have suffered so much? "


And as Ilan's coffin is loaded on to the hearse for his last voyage, his mother, Ruth Halimi, has this message for his torturers: 

"It's finished. Ilan leaves the cemetery of Pantin, he leaves Paris, he leaves France, and you who have massacred him, you will never be able to hurt him ever again. I came to take him away for that reason, now I know, I took him out of here because one day you will be free, and you could have spit on his grave...."(*)

(*) "Dieu Donné" is the self-given name by a nasty piece of Jew-Hatred-Made-Flesh who will prove Ruth Halimi wrong yet. I shall report on that later. "Dieu Donné" meaning "Gift of God". 

Day 18

The Grave Desecrators

Paris,  24. March 2017
Breaking News:

Sandra Wildensteinfrom the Europe Israël News  reports:

Dozens of Jewish graves were destroyed and / or vandalised in the Parisian cemetery of Pantin.

The incident reportedly took place in the night from Thursday to Friday, according to a source close to the cemetery.

Only Jewish squares and Jewish graves were targeted. There are at least 20 tombstones destroyed and / or vandalised, tombstones have been broken or fallen to the ground.

According to an "official" official of the cemetery we contacted on the telephone, it was a "car accident" ... But, knowing the configuration of the cemetery it is impossible for a car to do this much damage.

A car could strike 2 or 3 graves but not several dozen ... This is an excuse of circumstance that must be confirmed or reversed by the investigation.

Last update: According to a new version circulating on social networks, it was the accident was caused by a Paris Council truck that had hit the graves ... This explanation is far from convincing.

Anti-Semitic act or accident? No media reported this incident.

Perhaps a modest silver lining for Ruth Halimi, the mother of Ilan who, today,  might  feel vindicated having taken her son Ilan  from this very cemetery (Pantin) to Israel. (see entry under "Day 17"). 

--- to be continued ---

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The French Devolution

This publicity blurb shows you the inauguration on 20. 2. 2014 of a new French Hospital in Marseilles, France. Watching even only part of it, you  can see the  typical French chic and know-how without needing me to translate the usual clichés emitted by the "officials". I show you this first video to demonstrate the difference between Show Business and Reality, which you can see in the second video. 

The very same  hospital some  2  years later 

I found this video via twitter and don't know the person who recorded it, nor the exact date when it was taken, possibly in May 2016. So, this is speculation:  The content of the (supposed) dialogue makes me suspect that the French Lady is only pretending to speak with someone, in order to record the reality of present day France on her mobile. It looks to me like a discrete method of hidden camera. Something in her voice sounds to me like the fear of someone who feels like a stranger in her own country. 

Wondering: was  the first video clip a deliberately islamic-dress-free mise en scène, or did this devolution happen within just  2 years ? 

Personally, I have not been to Marseilles in many years, but I am told this picture below shows a quite typical present time street scape in this once great French city. 

A street scene in Marseilles France 2017

Quick, lets go  back to Show Business!


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Marine LePen 2017 Rally in Metz

The next President of France ?

Looking at the other candidates and the nasty and mighty  political/media/justice machine running against her, she is the only hope France has to recover and survive. If she does not win, the next election in 2022 will complete France's race to the bottom. 

(*) see links to whole video below

I just love that woman ! 

(*) The video above is the last part of a Rally in Metz streamed live on 18/03/2017 which you can see in its entirety here

- Follow Marine Le Pen on her site :
- on Facebook :
- on Twitter :
- on Instagram :
- on her blog :

A Sharia Survivor burns her Hijab

This courageous ex Muslima, Sandra Solomon, born into Islam in Palestine and brought up in Saudi Arabia  (yes the one who is sitting on the UN Security Council) has sought freedom from Sharia in Canada. She calls herself a "Sharia Survivor". But in the Canada of Trudeau, there seems no safety from the deadly Sharia law - his government is just about to introduce the "Blasphemy Law" which will make it punishable to criticise Islam. And several Imams felt encouraged enough by this Show-pony Islamophile, to threaten Sandra Solomon with death. And not only her, but Jews, Christians and other non-muslims. 

The most biting irony, I think is that the Bra-Burners of yesteryear will not only NOT burn a Hijab on the suggested "International Burn Hijab Day", but, collaborating with the Islamisation of the West as these Left(-overs) do, they would probably applaud those who'd rather have Sandra Solomon  burn at the stake instead.  

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Welcome Dear Murderers to Total Tolerance

Thank you to Vlad Tepes and Baron Bodissey for the sub-titling. 

Ever since I first came across this video at the site of Raw Data I loved it. Of course, it caused "controversy" in Merkel's Germany as it would (guilt feelings anyone in the halls of power?) and so the Singer and Songwriter, H. R. Kunze, had to defend himself against accusations of Xenophobia etc. He came up with the explanation that his text was directed against the NSU, a German Neo Nazi Underground group. 

Hmmmmmm - up to you if the text reminds you (like it does me)  of another group such as, perhaps, the one described by  Daniel Greenfield, the Killer Pen.  

Willkommen liebe Mörder

Ist es jeder Vierte 

ist es jeder Dritte 

aber sie sind hier 

ganz in unsrer Mitte 

jeder kann es sein 

keinem kann man trauen 

manchmal sind es Männer 

ab und zu auch Frauen. 

Sie wollen uns zerstören 

sie wollen uns vernichten 

nichts wird sie dazu bringen 

darauf zu verzichten 

wir möchten das verdrängen 

und einfach ignorieren 

uns weiter davor drücken 

den großen Kampf zu führen. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

fühlt euch wie zuhause 

bedient euch macht es euch bequem 

kurze Atempause 

nichts nehmen wir euch übel 

Empörung nicht die Spur 

ihr habt halt eine andere 


Jeder sieht es kommen 

die Bedrohung steigen 

jeder ist beklommen 

keiner will es zeigen 

laßt uns das vertuschen 

nicht darüber reden 

alle gegen alle 

jeder gegen jeden. 

Sie pflegen fremde Bräuche 

so lautet das Gerücht 

Genaueres weiß keiner denn 

man erkennt sie nicht 

und wenn sie unter sich sind 

dann lachen sie uns aus 

nie würden sie behaupten 

mein Haus ist euer Haus. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

wir sind so tolerant 

die Dunkelheit bricht bald herein 

über dieses Land 

wir reichen euch die Kerzen 

damit ihr besser seht 

und euch das nächste Opfer nicht 

durch die Lappen geht. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

ein viel zu hartes Wort 

wir haben doch Verständnis 

ihr nennt das nicht mal Mord 

ihr tut’s aus Überzeugung 

und wenn man’s überlegt 

wir sind so schlaff und müde wir 

gehören weggefegt


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

"Last Night in Sweden..."

Text under photo reads: "We firmly believe that we, as is the norm in society, also have the greatest responsibility to fight injustice".

" ^  What the hell is THAT  ^ ?! " may well ask. Well these are alleged "men" from the Swedish Construction Workers Workers Union, indulging in their sexual fantasies by wearing "pussy hats" during the recent International "Women's Day". 

I found it on the excellent Gates of Vienna where The Baron wrote:

"Donald Trump doesn’t have to make Sweden into a laughingstock; the Swedes are quite capable of doing it themselves. The brief article below concerns the board of the Construction Workers’ Union and the wearing of pussy hats, the latest mandatory item of apparel for all self-respecting Progressives...."

Tania Groth translated the article from the

Construction Workers’ Union
buys pussy hats with membership’s money

The Construction Workers’ Union really did it today. On International Women’s Day every union member will see their members of the board in “pussy hats”. Pussy hats became a trend during protests against Donald Trump in connection with the Soros-funded “Women’s March”, where known Islamists fooled the participants into taking part of a protest that was more about Islam than women’s rights.

The Construction Workers’ Union is therefore next on the list to make fools of themselves. On their Face book page all board members will be wearing a pussy hat. Take a close look, dear reader, notice that in the picture of the board, there is not a single woman as far as the eye can see.

As we have a feminist government where there is a decision on quotas for women on boards of government agencies, based on gender and not competence, it seems obvious that the Construction Workers’ Union are wearing pussy hats instead of maintaining the required gender quota of 50% of women in their union.

We have been in contact with the union, but they choose to keep a lid on it concerning the pussy hats. Our questions about how much of the member’s money has gone into the purchasing of the pussy hats and why they completely lack female representation on their board went unanswered.

This postcard from Sweden - H/T Vlad Tepes -  might explain quite a bit:  

I never liked Ikea or Volvo, but I have a weak spot for ABBA...

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Angela Merkel's (soon to be ex-?) boyfriend, (the one with Caliph ambitions) Adolf Erdogan has become  a little clumsy with his timing. While there are many millions of his jihadis already positioned in Europe, we have a few elections coming up where their islamic/left vote will not carry the day....yet. 

Therein may lay a solution against the islamisation of Europe: Hold elections every year in every European country, as elections seem to turn political leaders, by nature  just shivers in search of a spine, into vertebrae. 

We can see this now in the  Netherlands, where the next election is imminent and consequently, even the islamophile, cowardly leaders of the ruling parties are getting nervous and are playing the "strong men" by actually putting up some resistance to the Wannabe Caliph from Turkey.

This video from WrathOfKahn explains what happened in shorthand:

Angela Merkel, the dream-collaborator of the dark side will, of course, lay down before this assault on our democracies and continue to kiss Erdogan's derriere, but here is the unwaveringly courageous Geert Wilders, sending a message to the Turkish Mr. Schickelgruber in that clear language that he uses to such good effect. 

h/t Vlad

I wish we had a Geert Wilders in France, in Germany, and yes, after the latest developments even in Australia....

Vlad advises to "please examine this 2013 article by Daniel Greenfield in the torch light of Turkish riots across Europe this week.

For those who are time-poor, here is the essence of this article: 

“… Islam embodies expansionism. Its directives of male violence and female subjugation have no other end. They protect the tribal imperatives of endogamy and violence, of inbreeding and the feud. It has no ideas except to get bigger and that makes its followers into ideal military colonists.

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knisch: one of my favourite writers !