Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Passover to my Jewish readers

Just recently, out of the blue,  I had a few  surprising messages from Jewish blogger friends:

G. said:  "Thank you for being you.....Your work does not go unappreciated..."  

S. wrote: "Thank you for all the support you give us and Israel, Rita. People like you raise our hopes and spirits. " 

And from M.L. this:  "...non-Jewish friends to the Jewish people, such as yourself, raise our hopes...[...] You are what is sometimes referred to as a "righteous gentile" and I thank you for it." 

I was  chuffed to bits by these generous comments, but also very worried: this gratitude to a very tiny and insignificant defender of what should not NEED defending,  shows how far the relentless, despicable  defaming of  Israel and the Jewish people has progressed and how this nasty virus of Jew Hatred has infected - not only the moronic herd but  even people who used to be normal.

The vulgar  fig leaf of  "defending the poor palestians", "fighting Zionism...apartheid...illegal occupation",  "blablabla etc." is so very transparent  that I cannot believe why people with a minimum of intelligence and decency cannot see through it, especially as even that see-through fig leaf is often slipping and displaying  a blatantly explicit call for the full destruction of Israel: "from the rivers to the sea"They do not hate the Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the Jews!

Recently in an article by  M.L. I was taken aback by this simple and elegantly phrased truth which proves the dictum: " the more things change, the more they stay the same":

"Goliath was not a Jew, but a Philistine, 

David was a Jew"

I was, I  am and I will always be on the side of David!

For those of us who have forgotten (or perhaps never known) the Passover Story, here is a very simple telling of it but it comes with the warning that it contains a healthy dose of Charlton Heston ;)


Chag Pesach Kasher v'Sameach !  
I hope I got this right and it means "happy Passover" ;)



You will find more information about Passover "News and Views from Jews Downunder.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Marine Le Pen talks to Al Jazeera

This interview is over a year old but I think it is  still as fresh as it was then and it gives us the essence of Marine Le Pen's political  thought. I am not a fan of Al Jazeera which I consider a propagandist  media power, but if they have edited this interview, the core  of that magnificent woman still shines through.  I agree with nearly everything Marine Le Pen says here,  except with her comment on a soi-disant "disproportional force" applied by Israel in its self-defence. But then I have heard many Jewish voices "visiting the sins of the father" on her and refusing the hand she so often held out to them, one of the extremely few French politicians to do so.


I think, Marine Le Pen is a real - if not the only - hope for France. 

Chadored vaginas & Emancipated Burkas

Simone de Beauvoir in her "Le Deuxième Sexe"  coined a thought which was inarguably controversial and, arguably, incorrect:

"One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman" 

Being the opportunist I am, I shall borrow the thought for a little home made maxim of my own: 

"One is not born, but rather becomes terminally stupid". 

Have a look at this picture from France and tell me if you don't have to agree with me that no-one can possibly be BORN that stupid:

                                                                                                                                            h/t sheikyermami

These up to the gunnels chadored females are publicly displaying and confirming that they agree to be nothing more than a life support system for a vagina  at the exclusive use of their  master (who can divorce them  by repeating three times “I divorce you” should  he fancy  a younger one, say a  9 y.o. girl) while at the same time holding up signs displaying  THE core philosophy of  the French Republic (their  host country and cradle of Human Rights):  

Liberty, equality, fraternity

Is that not  so  irredeemably, terminally thick and sick that it cannot possibly be natural, but must be an ASS - Acquired Stupidity Syndrome?



A little French Singing & a little French reality

A little French Singing:

This past Paris winter  has been extraordinarily mild, spring has come early as have the increasingly "inyourface" tourists, so it's time to leave again. 

Each year when  I return to the city of light (some cynics now call it "Afrique sur Seine") I feel its changes more acutely than do my permanently Paris-dwelling friends and each year I am sad for the loss of some things and happy for things that remain the same. 

A constant  is the French people's love for pink toilet paper - I challenge you to go to your local shop and find any toilet paper which is not either pink or at least pink-flowered.  Their insouciance about cholesterol  and their adherence to seasonal dishes  has not changed either in 30 years. Celebratory Paté de Foie Gras at your arrival dinner  cannot be avoided (even if one knows how it's made, and gulps more or less discreetly, in St. Peter's fashion!), and Endives et Jambon au Gratin are still a must-Winter dish as are  the "Canard Confit"(*) and the  Tripes a la mode de Caen. Perhaps my friends are especially conservative, but I like it and I love them.

Of course, I don't have to tell you that there are more things to France than pink toilet paper and dishes of innards and  au gratin;  I will tell you about  them  as I  go into my annual period-of- remembrance mode. 

What the French don't do as much as the Australians for example is Ageism: Carla Bruni, the former first lady (wife of the conservative ex-President Sarkozi) is still considered a sex-kitten at 46..... what's a few laughter lines provided the bum is still pert ! 

And now onto our  French sex-symbol (Carla Bruni is not French-born) Johnny Hallyday, the "French Elvis Presley".  Carla Bruni refers to him in her song as "our Johnny" and so do the French. He is 71, yes you read correctly: 71  (71 is the new "51" if 60 is the "new 40";) ). 


Being a Schubert-kind-of fan myself, I never really  got into  Johnny Halliday's music, but I knew that he had been a  power package  in his time and - at 71, after beating cancer - he is not half bad now.

A little French Reality: 

France is ailing, seriously ailing. I have observed the islamisation of this beloved  country  accelerating for a few years, but now, under this present government, it is galloping. France has been islamised to a point where Sharia including Blasphemy laws are already in defacto force. France's (largely) dhimmy media, an extremely self-serving and opportunistic extreme left government and a fully politicised judiciary are - at best - enabling  islamism. The fermentation in the French people who are not anesthisised yet is palpable to anyone who still  cares to listen (if I may mix a couple of metaphors and senses). And  I sooooo understand this ferment.

In the country of my birth, Nazism stamped out a nation's decent impulses through intimidation, lies and fear;  having spent quite a few days watching "justice" being handed out in France I saw an eery "déjà vu" hovering over France. I will write more about the so-called "Justice in France" in an upcoming post. (Look up "Mur de Cons" on the net if you speak French and if you cannot wait).

Here is a little report which, to me, is credible - 3 of the interviewees, courageously speaking out despite being  relentlessly defamed, threatened with death and persecuted by an extremely politicised judiciary  are friends of mine: Pierre Cassen, founder and Editor in chief of Riposte Laique, Christine Tasin, leader of Resistance Republicaine and the charming Morrocan born muslim apostate, Pascal ("né Mohamed") Hilout. 


Mes chers amis !

Christine Tasin, Pierre Cassen et Pascal (né Mohamed) Hilout)

De retour en Australie  après mon printanier vol vers les antipodes, 

je vous salue et continue de vous admirer!

Vive la France !



(*) cooked in its own fat 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sweden's Stockholm Syndrom

If France is ailing, Sweden seems to be  moribund: 

When Ingrid Carlqvist says at the end of this report:  "we had a perfectly good country, a rich country, a nice country  and in a few years, that country will be gone", she might have been thinking of this cute little postcard:

In April 2013,  I posted this video from Sweden, a year later they still seem to go in the same direction which, despite all appearances does not  seem to be "hell" if one believes the proverb "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" as  I cannot detect any "good intentions" here:


Young Swedish girls some years ago  still celebrating Saint Lucia, the bearer of Light, something sorely needed in Sweden today, so it seems.


May the last one leaving  switch off the last light. 


Saturday, 29 March 2014

These are not "French" (video)

This shocking documentary was aired a couple of days ago on one of the few French TV stations that can lay claim to a modicum of objectivity. It caused hardly a ripple in France and most of  my French acquaintances  - normal, educated middle class burghers - chose not to watch it. One even  told  me "I know what's going on, I can do nothing about it, it upsets me, so I am watching a documentary on Australia tonight". 

I know the sample of the Frog who doesn't realise he is being boiled does not hold up scientifically, but I will use it anyway:

France is nearly cooked...

... because there are many more living in France who at the very least approve of this savagery (some 700 of this ilk have left France to join the "jihad" in Syria),  and the ones you see in this confronting documentary will be coming back to France, free to... ? 

                                   Those who would rather avoid these very confronting images, can find 
                                   the transcript on the elegant Gates of Vienna and h/t goes to VladTepes

Please note, these vermin might be "French" on paper, e.g. have a French passport (often double nationality with a Maghreb country - just like the Arab  speaker for the French Government and potential future prime minister of France, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who  holds  the double nationality Moroccan and French), they may even have lived in France for two or three generations, but they are not  "real" French. 

Yes, their demographic is increasing at a dangerous speed  in France to a point where I sign my post cards from Paris ironically as "greetings  from Africa on the Seine", and yes they are the favourite "disadvantaged youth" of the French Minister for Justice, Christine Taubira who protects them because as she says "they carry the stigma of colonisation on their shoulders" - but they will never be French - not even "European". 

Yet, naive little girl  tourists will think their love thrusts were with a "real Frenchie", cynical French politicians with an agenda and  the dangerously dhimmified French Media, will label as "raaaaaaaaaaaacist" anyone daring to make the connection between islam and what these savages do, while the fully left-politicised Judiciary will  prosecute anyone who dares pointing out the truth. 

My loathing for their unspeakable savagery is followed by my contempt for their so-called  "cuuuuultural background" - and as much as they want to be seen as "French", they will never be. 

For those who read German, Goethe put this last idea in a beautiful nutshell in his Faust I, like so: 


Du bist am Ende – was du bist.

Setz dir Perücken auf von Millionen Locken,

Setz deinen Fuß auf ellenhohe Socken,

Du bleibst doch immer, was du bist.

(translation would never do justice to Goethe). 



Thursday, 27 March 2014

An ugly postcard from Paris

When I saw this tape, I cried.

And no, it did not come from any French media who are ignoring this kind of unfashionable reality (they wouldn't wanna frighten the camels of Qatar), I found it via  VladTepes.


Yes, nauseatingly, this too is Paris, the new anti-semitism where Arab and Sub-Saharan muslims are beating up French Jews but, of course  only if they are in superior number  e.g.  3 against 1, or in strength.

Many French non-Jews are closing their eyes to this because of fear...denial... latent anti-semitism...or what? The most despicable players in these nasty games are the French conformist media who will simply not report these "incidents" and if they do, the words "Arab",  "Muslim", "Africans", "Immigrants" are a big taboo. 

Courageous French  people who do name the beast by its name, are at the very least called "raaaaacists",  because as we all know, Islam is  a race and only pathological "Xenophobes" will point out that most of the violence happening in France is perpetrated by thugs issued from what is euphemistically referred to as "la diversité".  But if these brave French people  do end up before the Courts and the most politicised Judiciary  I have ever come across, they do not stand a chance. For a start  they have against them the might of the  misnamed "Minister for Justice",  Christine Taubira,  who is sometimes (justifiably)  referred to as the "Patron Saint of the Canaille". She is behind a new law, which will protect  these violent criminals from being  incarcerated if they are under 19, even if they are violent repeat offenders. Her reason for this she says is that those poor "youth" are carrying on their young shoulders the stigma of colonisation. 

So, the attackers of this man will probably remain free to  do some more of the same, while  the French media will keep singing the praises of peace, love, tolerance and the beauty of the "vivre ensemble".